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ullright is both a framework and a suite of applications providing powerful tools for websites and company-internal organisation in general.

ullright is developed as an open source project under the GPL license using the symfony framework 1.4+ with the database abstraction layer/ORM doctrine .

Symfony is a powerful, professional PHP MVC-Framework. As a enterprise-ready industry standard it is used and supported by countless large companies like Yahoo or Microsoft.

Applications and features:

  • ullCore: basic functionality including login, user-administration, access-rights and a powerful admin generator.
  • ullCms: a very adaptable content management system which is very easy to use for the editors
  • ullCourse: offer courses in different categories and handle bookings.
  • ullWiki: a easy-to-use wiki featuring a wysiwyg-editor for knowledge management.
  • ullFlow: a flexible and extendable workflow engine to support business processes.
    Examples are order-handling, trouble-ticketing, request-forms and many more
  • ullVentory: powerful asset management to enlist various items and assign them to users. Also includes a software license administration.
  • ullUser: management of centralized user/employee data. Different departments in a company can administer specific data fields. Also includes support for new employee / change management /  separation processes.
  • ullPhone: a phone directory including employee photos with advanced features.
  • ullOrgchart: a dynamic, interactive orgChart which is automatically drawn using the organizational structure from the user data.
  • Multilanguage support
  • Flexible, extendable and highly customizeable
  • Web Accessibility Level A, mostly AA
  • Commercial support available from ull.at business webapplications


Download / Installation:

Currently an installation guide for developers using subversion is available here.


Questions / Resources:

The following resources are available:

How to contribute:

You can contribute in many useful ways to the project: installing and testing ullright, asking questions, providing patches, feedback, ideas and suggestions, ...



Please contact office@ull.at


ullright was initiated by ull.at business websolutions located in Vienna/Austria.