FreeCAD Cheatsheet


Intro Series:


Casing, also using programmatically openSCAD:

Recommended introduction:

Draft Bench


  • View menu -> Views ->Selection view
    Deutsch: Ansicht -> Paneele -> Auswahlansicht


Generally use the simple options of the part workbench.


Rotate around more than one axis:

  • Edit -> Placement
  • Checkbox "incremental steps"

Scale, also non-uniformly (squash)

  • Draft Workbench
  • Clone
  • "Scale"
  • Hide original object


  • Sketcher -> Create Sketch
  • Fully constrain sketch!
  • Fully close lines for rotation objects
  • Reference other constraints with formular: Sketch001.Constraints.myradius


  • Use Part workbench
  • Solution for solid 180 revolving?
  • Workaround: Part Workbench -> Part -> Create Solid


  • Use Part-Design workbench


  • -> Draft
  • Select working plane, e.g. xy
  • Text to form
  • Font directories (Ubuntu)
    • /usr/share/fonts
    • ~/.local/share/fonts
    • Examples:
      • 16.04: /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ubuntu-font-family/Ubuntu-B.ttf
      • 18.04: /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ubuntu/Ubuntu-B.ttf
  • Good Fonts
  • Pad

Global variables

No direct support. Workaround:

  • Spreadsheet Workbench
  • Create new spreadsheet
  • Enter value in a cell
  • Right click cell
  • Alias: e.g. "wallwidth"

Now you can reference the variable anywhere via "Spreadsheet.wallwidth"

Expressions / Variables

Use reference in sketch:

  • Name a constraint, eg. "width"
  • Reference it in an other constraint with "Sketch.Constraints.width"
    where "Sketch" is the name of the sketch
  • Placement:
    • <<mycube>>.Placement.Base.y

freecad wedge explained

The parallel faces are orientated perpenticular to the Y direction.

Wedge Settings as Cube

  • Xmin, Ymin, Zmin are the coordinates of the point in the axis cross
  • Xmax, Zmax are the coordinates of the top right point in the XZ plane
  • Ymax is the "height" in the Y axis
  • For a cube
    • X2min and Y2min need to be the same as Xmin and Ymin (0mm)
    • X2max and Y2max need to be the same as Xmax and Ymax (10mm)


Earlier Wedge Sketch

stl mesh to solid

  • Import stl
  • -> Part
  • Form -> create shape from mesh
  • Select object, export as .step
  • Delete or hide object
  • Import .step
  • Form -> create solid

Sketch from Image/Photo

  • Get image aspect ratio, e.g 4608x2592px:4608 / 2592 = 1,78
  • Image Workbench -> Icon "Create planar Image in 3D space"
  • Use formula for YSize with aspect ratio:
    • =XSize / 1,78
  • Scale and move to the desired position
  • Sketch Workbench -> Create sketch


A spoon with B-spline surface




Add Assembly2 Mod