gimp cheatsheet

Note: in newer Gimp versions the gimp config directory is ~/.config/GIMP/2.10/

Arrow Brushes

Download brushes and put them into ~/.gimp-2.x/brushes

Refresh the brushes as follows:

  • Click on the brush icon in the toolbox
  • Click on the currently selected brush
  • Open the brush dialog by clicking on the brush icon in the bottom right corner
  • Now click the reload icon also in the bottom right corner
  • Restart Gimp

Arrow Script



  • Use the "path" tool
  • Click on the desired position of the arrow tip
  • Click in the desired position of the arrow line
  • Select "Tools" -> "Arrow"

3D Screenshot Script

Background Removing

  • Use the "magic scissor" to select the outline
  • Add and adjust points to get a clean outline
  • [SHIFT] + click into the outline -> converts into selection
  • Check selection with [SHIFT] + [Q]
  • Correct selection:
    • Choose pure black and white as colors
    • Select brush tool: Hardness 100, Deckkraft 100
    • Or for a clean edge use the pencil tool
    • Size 20 is a good starting point for the tool size
    • Zoom in with [SHIFT] and mouswheel
    • Black draws things you don't want to select
    • Hit [x] to switch between black and white
    • Draw a nice outline
  • Save selection:
    • To avoid painful loosing of selection you can save it:
      Menu -> Selection -> save in channel
  • Remove background:
    • Invert selection with [STRG]-[i]
    • [DEL] to remove background.
    • Or  copy it with [STRG]-[c] and paste it as a new layer

Keyboard Shortcuts

Built in:

  • Rectengular selection
    • R
  • Switch foreground and background color
    • X


Edit -> Shortcuts

  • Resize:
    • CTRL - R


  • Image rotate 90° counter clock wise ("left"):
    • CTRL - Num4  (left arrow)
  • Image rotate 90° clock wise ("right"):
    • CTRL - Num6  (right arrow)
  • Crop to selection:
    • CTRL - Num5 (5 is also %, like scissors, also a "central" action)
  • Crop to content:
    • CTRL - SHIFT - Num5
  • Flatten image:
    • CTRL - Num3 (arrow down, like put it together)
  • Filter levels ("Werte")
    • CTRL - Num9 (arrow up, up the brightness)
  • Desaturate
    • CTRL - Num1 (end, pale grey like dead)