How to install an ullright plugin into your installation

ullright offers a lot of plugins, for example there is one for managing and booking resources, one for time management, there is even one for managing a climbing route database!

If you followed the customer installation guide you already have a basic assortment of plugins available. However, new plugins are created all the time! If you want to include a new plugin in your installation, here is what you have to do:

Note: For this example we assume that the plugin we want to install is called 'ullBookingPlugin'.

  • Rebuild models

    • php symfony doctrine:build --model --forms --filters

  • Add "web" symlinks

    • cd web
    • ln -s ../plugins/ullBookingPlugin/web ullBookingPlugin
    • ln -s ../plugins/ullBookingThemeNGPlugin/web ullBookingThemeNGPlugin
    • svn add ullBooking*
    • cd ..
  • Run migrations
    • php symfony doctrine:migrate