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Webinterface: most of the intereresting features (traffic history per service) are not available in the community edition...

I can not recommend using it, it seems as the company is using "open source" only as a marketing tool.


For Ubuntu 14.04

  • Uninstall fails because of errors in prerm dpkgscripts
  • vi /var/lib/dpkg/info/ntopng.prerm
    • Add -f to update-rc.d ntopng remove >/dev/null
      • update-rc.d -f ntopng remove >/dev/null
  • vi /var/lib/dpkg/info/nprobe.prerm
    • Repeat as above
  • apt-get purge ntopng redis-server

Reset admin passwort

  • service ntopng stop
  • redis-cli del ntopng.user.admin.password
  • restart ntopng
  • Goto web interface, login with admin/admin and set a new password