screen cheatsheet

Initialize / Create session

  • screen
  • [CTRL] - [A]
  • [C]

or better with a name

  • screen -S mySession

Check it with

  • screen -ls

Reconnect to a session

  • screen -r

 or by name

  • screen -S mySession

 or join a session

  • screen -rx mySession

Remove session

  • screen -X -S sessionNameFromLS quit

Scrollback buffer


  • echo "defscrollback 1000000" >> ~/.screenrc


  • CTRL+ A followed by ESC (to enter the copy mode).

  • Then navigate with Up,Down or PgUp PgDown

  • And ESC again to quit that mode.

  • (Extra info: to copy hit ENTER to start selecting! Then ENTER again to copy! Simple and cool)