[ulltras] Setup a local ullright instance on Ubuntu


This is a guide for ull.at developers and ull.at partners - the "ulltras".

Usually the customer installations are named "ullright_customer1". 
Use your favourite editor like nano, gedit, etc instead of vim if you like.

If this is your first setup of an ullright instance or you have no Ubuntu installation yet,
please perform the steps at the bottom of the document ("1st Time Setup") first!

Setup a local ullright instance

For an example instance "ullright_customer1" perform:

  • ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub customer1@goldfish.ull.at
  • If you get the message "ERROR: No identities found" create a SSH-key (Enter no password)
    • ssh-keygen -t rsa
  • sudo /usr/local/bin/setupLocalUllrightInstance.sh customer1 secretpassword

Open the Project in Eclipse

  • File -> New Project -> PHP
  • Project Name: ullright_customer1
  • ->Finish

If the subfolders of your project are not displayed in the correct order in Eclipse use Navigator instead of PHP Explorer.


1st Time Setup

If this is your first setup of an ullright instance, please perform the following steps

Install development Environment


Install scripts to handle local ullright instances

  • cd /usr/local/bin
  • sudo wget -N http://guest:guest@svn.ull.at/svn/ullright/trunk/plugins/ullCorePlugin/batch/manage_local_ullright_instances/updateLocalUllrightInstanceScripts.sh
  • sudo chmod 700 ./updateLocalUllrightInstanceScripts.sh
  • sudo ./updateLocalUllrightInstanceScripts.sh
  • sudo vi manageLocalUllrightInstance.config
    • Fill in your data and save