Stream Reaper Audio with Nextcloud Talk through SynchronousAudioRouter



  • Install SynchronousAudioRouter
  • Start Reaper
    • Click on the Audio Interface Info in the top right corner (Configure Audio)
      • Select "Synchronous Audio Router" as ASIO device
      • Click "ASIO Configuration"
      • Select your Audio Interface ("Hardware Interface")
      • Click "Add" ->
        • Name: Rec for Nextcloud Talk
        • Type: Recording
        • -> OK
      • Apply
      • Select correct Inputs and Outputs for your Device, select also the new "virtual" Outputs "Rec for Nextcloud Talk"
      • OK
    • Click on the routing button for master channel
      • Add new Hardware Output
      • Select Output Channel 3-4 (depends on audio interface)
  • Open Nextcloud Talk in a browser
    • Start a call
    • In the sidebar go to Settings and click on "Settings"
    • Microphone -> Select "Rec for Nextcloud Talk"