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Ubuntu 18.04 add .appimage to applications / dock / favourites


  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:appimagelauncher-team/stable

  • sudo apt-get update

  • sudo apt install dconf-editor menulibre appimagelauncher

Integration of .appimage

  • Download an .appimage file
  • Open it, should now open wirh appimagelauncher
  • appimagelauncher creates a .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/, e.g. PrusaSlicer.desktop
  • Google an icon for the app and save it to e.g. ~/Applications/prusa.png
  • Start "menulibre"
    • Set the downloaded image as icon
    • Check "Use start notification"
  • Add to dock/favourites:
    • Start "dconf-edior"
    • Navigate to org/gnome/shell/favorite-apps
    • Add your .desktop entry to custom value. Example:
      • ...
  • Log out and in again