ullFlow full page widgets

ullFlow provides full page widgets for more complex operations like file upload.

The edit actions of a full page widget take place on a separate page (=action).


The functionality is provided by the following parts:


(Example for upload)

  • ullFlowMetaWidget
    • ullWidgetUpload
      • Renders a list of already uploaded documents
      • Provides a submit tag "Manage uploads"
        • Note: The name attribute of the submit tag carries special attributes to work without javascript:
          • full_page_widget = upload (Type of ullFlowFullPageWidget)
          • full_page_widget_column = upload (slug of the virtual column)
        • Example: <input type="submit" value="Manage files" name="submit|full_page_widget=upload|full_page_widget_column=upload"/>
    • ullWidgetUploadRead
    • + entry in UllColumnType
  • ullFlowFullPageWidgetUpload
    • configures the symfony module and action for a full page widget
  • A symfony action + template, in our example BaseullFlowActions, action = upload
    • Handles the logic of the full page widget