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ullright documentation using LaTeX



sudo apt-get install texlive texlive-latex-extra texlive-lang-german openoffice.org-writer2latex kile okular ispell ingerman



Keystrokes: http://ctan.larsko.net/macros/latex/contrib/keystroke/key-test.pdf


Editor and Workflow

We use Kile and edit the docs directly in the ullright repository.

The docs are usually located in plugins/myPlugin/doc/manual

Kile configuration

  • Settings -> Configure Kile -> Editor -> Apperance
    • General - Enable dynamic wordwrap
    • Borders - Show line numbers
  • Settings -> Configure Kile ->Editor -> Fonts & Colors
    • Font - Size: 11
  • Settings -> Configure Kile -> LaTeX -> General
    • Double Quotes Type: "german" (If applicable)
  • Settings -> Configure Shortcuts
    • Delete Line: CTRL D
    • Toggle Comment: CTRL /

Forward search for pdf


Docs need to be compiled using the "modern" configuration.

  • Settings -> Configure Kile -> Tools -> Build -> Quick Build:
    • Remove "PDFLatex"
    • Add "PDFLatex" with config "modern"
    • Move to top position


Inverse search for pdf (Using the pdf-viewer Okular)


Open "Kile"

  • Settings -> Configure Okular -> Editor
    • "Kile"

 Usage: in Okular left click on any line while holding [SHIFT] key. Kile jumps to the corresponding source code line.

Converting .odt-manual to latex

OpenOffice Writer LaTeX export settings

Note: Every checkbox which is not mentioned as 'checked' should be unchecked!


  • LaTeX format: ultra-clean article
  • Backend: pdfTeX
  • Encoding: UTF8
  • Use greek letters as symbols: checked 


  • Save images in subdirectory: checked

Special content:

  • Export notes: as comments
  • Export document properties (metadata): checked 

Figures and tables:

  • Float tables: checked
  • Float figures: checked
  • Float placement: Here or top of page


  • Ignore hard page breaks: checked
  • Ignore hard line breaks: checkes
  • Ignore empty paragraphs: checked
  • Ignore double spaces: checked

Cleaning .tex file

  • open an existing .tex file to compare it
  • copy everything to \begin{document} and replace it
  • refacture the new .tex file (You can copy nearly everything until the first section begins and refacture it)
  • replace \subsection with \section, \subsubsection with \subsection, ...
  • replace “ with "' and „ with "`
  • replace … with \ldots
  • replace – with --