[ullright] Initial configuration and steps for a new instance

Checklist customer / designer



  • app.yml
    • i18n
    • sms - disable?
    • user popup?
    • sign-up ?
    • ullCms enable_page_menu_title_field
      • ATTENTION! Very confusing:
        When set to false, the "name" field is disabled!
        The field "title" is the actual headline of a page.
        The field "name" is only used in menus, e.g. to use a shorter wording!
  • settings.yml
    • enabled_modules: minimal:
      • [default, ullAdmin, ullCms, ullCmsContentBlock, ullCore, ullMail, ullMailLog, ullNews, ullPhoto, ullTableTool, ullUser, ullWidget, ullWiki, taggableComplete, sfCombine]
    • default_culture:      
  • app.local.yml

Common Setup and Cleanup for a Website using ullCms

    This symfony task performs common cleanup tasks for a fresh ullright installation:
    - Disables all Groups except  cmsAdmins, MasterAdmins, WikiAdmins
    - Disables test users
    - Removes some test cms pages and menu entries

  • php symfony ull_cms:common-cleanup

Remove unused modules

  • comment modules in svn:externals properties on plugins/ using "#"
  • delete module folders in plugins/ in the file browser (not svn!)
  • delete module folders in lib/model/doctrine via svn
  • batch/refresh_completely


  • html_head
  • layout / styles
  • UllCmsPageColumnsConfig
  • CKEditor config
  • UllUserColumnsConfig
  • Add Admin-user and Disable Admin or change password
  • After developing check for "resized_images" subfolders in web/images and make them svn ignore:
    • cd web/images
    • svn rm --keep-local resized_images
    • svn propset svn:ignore resized_images .
    • svn update;svn cleanup
    • svn ci -m 'ignore resized images'