ullWidgetFormDoctrineChoice - inline create/edit of select box entries


When editing a data set we often have select boxes for related objects.

ullright allows mostly automated inline adding or editing of the select box options via an javascript/ajax overlay.

The inline editing is supported by ullMetaWidgetForeignKey and descendants. It's enabled via columnsConfig:

  ->setWidgetOption('enable_inline_editing', true)


  • A "create" and "edit" icon are rendered next to the select box.
    • ullWidgetFormDoctrineChoice with option "enable_inline_editing" set to true
  • When clicking on it, a html overlay is opened, and the edit page of the particular object is loaded via ajax.
    • BaseUllTableToolActions::executeEdit()
  • The user can now create or edit the current object.
  • When finished, the user clicks on save and the form content is sent via ajax
    • editSucess.php (ullTableTool module)
  • In case of validation errors the page is reloaded displaying the errors and allowing correction.
    • BaseUllTableToolActions::executeEdit() returns the html markup
  • Otherwise the object is saved and the overlay closed.
    • BaseUllTableToolActions::executeEdit() returns json with the object id
    • editSucess.php (ullTableTool module) saves the object id in a global js var and closes the overlay
  • Finally the original select box is refreshed, while the created entry is automatically selected.
    • ullWidgetFormDoctrineChoice listens for the "overlay close" event, and reloads the widget data if the widget data was modified.
    • To allow the reload of the widget, the originating action must provide the enableAjaxSingleWidgetRendering() method.
      This is necessary to comply to the correct access restrictions


Access rights / Permissions

To allow inline editing of a related model, you have to set permissions:

  • Admin -> Permissions -> Add
    • ull_tabletool_my_model
    • Example: ull_tabletool_ull_course_tariff
  • Admin -> Group Permissions -> Add
    • Group: My group
    • Permission: ull_tabletool_my_model