[ulltras] Install ullright development environment using Windows and Virtualbox


You need the ullright development virtual machine image. Example filename:

  • ullright_dev_env_ubuntu_1204_lts.ova

Setup Virtual Box

Import the virtual machine

  • Open VirtualBox
  • File-> Import Appliance -> Open Appliance
  • Select the ullright dev environment .ova file from your harddrive
  • -> Next
  • Check "Assign new MAC-Addresses for each network adapter"
  • -> Import

Configure Shared Folder

You often need to access files on your computer from within the virtual machine. Here's how to do it:

  • Right click on the virtual machine and select "Change / Edit"
  • -> Shared Folders -> Add (The small icon with the plus sign)
  • Select the desired directory of your Windows system, usually "c:\" or more restrictively "My files"
  • Enter "myfiles" as name for shared folder.
  • Check"Create permanently"
    Do NOT check "Mount automatically", as this interferes with our manual mounting
  • -> OK



  • Open Virtual Box
  • Start the "ullright dev environment" virtual machine
  • Ignore the dialogs regarding "capturing of the mouse pointer" and check "Do not show this again"
  • Login: The default username is ullright, the password is also "ullright"


Additional Stuff

The follwing stuff does not need to be done normally.

Setup or Change the Shared Directory Manually

Open a terminal

  • sudo mkdir /media/myfiles
  • sudo vi /etc/fstab
    • Add:
    • myfiles /media/myfiles vboxsf
  • sudo mount /media/myfiles

 Note: in newer Virtual Box versions it seems that shared folders are mounted automatically e.g. to /media/sf_myfiles.

Still it is necessary to give the user the necessary permissions:

  • sudo adduser ullright vboxsf
  • reboot
  • add a nautilus bookmark to /media/sf_myfiles