ullVentoryItemSearch - an implementation tutorial

This tutorial describes exemplary steps in the process of implementing search functionality using the ullSearch framework.

It's meant to be read in combination with the overview of the framework shown here.


Goal: Implement advanced search for the ullVentoryItem model.


Create ullVentoryItem search config

  • Create new file: ullVentoryPlugin/lib/search/ullVentoryItemSearchConfig.php - copy from ullUserSearchConfig
  • Adapt the file as needed: model name, default columns, ...
  • Add unwanted columns to blacklist - e.g. for ullVentoryItem the 'id' column should not be searchable since we have a custom id called inventory number anyway.


Configure ullVentoryItem search config factory

ullVentoryPlugin/config/app.yml - create and/or insert:

    search_class: ullVentoryItemSearchConfig


Create ullVentorySearchGenerator

  • Create new class, inherits from ullSearchGenerator
  • Override
    • protected function customColumnConfig($columnConfig)
    • Implement as needed (e.g. custom item attribute handling code)


Create ullVentorySearch

  • Create new class, inherits from ullSearch
  • Override
    • protected function modifyColumnName($columnName)
    • protected function modifyAlias(Doctrine_Query $q, $alias, ullSearchCriterion $criterion)
    • Again, implement as needed


Insert search action functions into BaseUllVentoryActions

ullVentoryPlugin/modules/ullVentory/lib/BaseUllVentoryActions.class.php: copy from existing module:

  • executeSearch()
  • breadcrumbForSearch()

Adapt the following in executeSearch():

  • model names
  • query urls
  • class names for *generator, *search


Create searchSuccess template

ullVentoryPlugin/modules/ullVentory/templates/searchSuccess.php: copy from existing module


Adapt the following:

  • form url
  • title


Insert query modification into BaseUllVentoryActions - getFilterFromRequest()


Insert following if branch (e.g. from BaseUllTableToolActions) after existing filtering, before ordering:

if ($query = $this->getRequestParameter('query'))
until closing bracket



  • Don't forget to adapt the name of the search variable when retrieving it from the session.
  • Insert $this->ull_filter = new ullFilter(); if needed
  • Depending on existing getFilterFromRequest code it might be necessary to manually merge some code here


Insert filter into listSuccess

ullVentoryPlugin/modules/ullVentory/templates/listSuccess.php: add the following (copy from ullTableTool)

<?php echo $ull_filter->getHtml(ESC_RAW) ?>
<?php echo ull_form_tag(array('page' => '', 'filter' => array('search' => ''))) ?>

This displays 'Query: Custom' filter in list view, to provide a delete button



Insert new humanizations into ullHumanizer

ullCorePlugin/lib/ullHumanizer.class.php: insert entries for relation and column names humanization as needed.



Link to search from admin center and/or sidebar

Wherever needed, link to ullVentory/search.