Upgrade to Lime 2.0

Upgrade process

lime 2.0 is as of r1478 integrated into ullright.

We directly replaced the existing lime 1.0 (consisting of only lime.php) with the new files from 2.0.



  • Functional tests (DONE)
    • Seem to run OK, but throw warnings
      • e.g. Could not parse test output: "> get ullAdmin/index"
        • fixed (sfDoctrineTestBrowser echoed some debug output, which lime 2.0 doesn't like -> changed to self::$test->info)
  • Unit tests (DONE)
    • everything OK, but PHP warnings result in lime warnings now
      • ullTableToolGeneratorTest
      • ullWidgetCheckboxWriteTest
      • ullWidgetTaggableTest


Other stuff


Old stuff

  • Checkout /tools/lime/branches/2.0/lib from symfony svn
    • or should we use the tagged alpha release?
  • put contents into /lib/vendor/symfony/lib/vendor/lime
    • backup old lime.php to lime.php.1.0